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Organic Mattresses – Why You Should Chose One

Organic mattresses are becoming more popular because they are healthier for people and the environment.

These mattresses often cost more but they also have a longer lifespan, and can provide a better sleep experience. So, in actual fact, one might argue that they’re actually more cost-effective than a traditional mattress.

Organic Mattress Materials

Organic mattresses are made from materials that have not been chemically treated. For example, all-natural cotton is often used as both a filling and as a mattress cover. Cotton is known for being soft, breathable and comfortable.

Conventional mattresses are usually made from synthetic materials which can be harmful to humans. They contain many toxins that can prove to be harmful, especially to children who spend a lot of time on their beds.

Organic mattresses are sometimes made from latex because of its natural antimicrobial ability. It is able to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing on the mattress.

an organic mattress on a bed frame

Latex is a tree sap that most animals and birds don’t like to sleep on and this can cause an allergic reaction in humans as well. However, some people can have an allergy to latex. If you suffer from allergies or conditions like asthma or eczema, then you will probably be better off to avoid buying a mattress that is made from latex.

Because organic mattresses are made from natural materials, they do not contain flame retardants which can be dangerous to humans. These chemicals have been linked to headaches, sleep issues, skin issues, breathing problems and other health complications.

Organic mattresses are free from chemicals and pesticides so they tend to be safer for people who want their beds to be non-harmful.

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If you want to buy an organic mattress then look for a mattress that is certified. This means that the brand has been approved by an independent third party and that the mattress has been tested. The tests conducted on organic mattresses reveal whether they have any issues with chemicals or pesticides.

Some mattress brands market themselves as organic, when in actual fact they are only partly organic. The mattress brand in question should disclose this in their small print, so be sure to check.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some products have misleading labels. In addition to being made of organic material, they may also claim to be hypoallergenic or free of harmful chemicals.

A luxury vegan mattress on a bed

Vegan Mattresses

Vegan mattresses are made without using animal products. This includes wool, silk, horse hair, feathers or any other material that comes from animals. A vegan mattress is made in the same way as a standard mattress but without using any animal products at all.

In addition to this, all the materials used to make a vegan mattress are either organic or natural and free from any harmful chemicals.

If you want to choose a vegan mattress then look for the organic certification label. This is a label that certifies that all the elements and materials used to make the mattress are organic.

The organic certification process usually takes around 2 years to register and if a mattress is not certified after this time, it cannot continue with the process automatically.

There are many different vegan certified mattresses available in today’s market, however one of the most popular and best reviewed mattresses by customers is still an Earthlite Tension-Free Organic Mattress.

Final Thoughts

Organic mattresses are made using natural materials that are healthier for people to sleep on and better for the environment overall.

If you want to buy an organic mattress then shop around because not all mattresses are created equal. Some mattresses contain high amounts of flame retardants which can cause skin irritations and headaches. Most organic mattresses do not contain flame retardants.

If you have allergies such as eczema or asthma, you might want to avoid latex. IN this case, you will be better off choosing a mattress that is both organic and hypoallergenic certified.

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